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Moving Services in Guelph

Hanlon Park Storage provides a fresh take on moving services. We deliver a portable storage unit to your location, along with moving supplies. You pack your belongings into the storage container and we take it to your new location. Our moving experts will tackle the tough lifting for you and assure that your items are handled with professional care. Our team is well equipped for both commercial and residential moving services. Leave the packing and unpacking to us, contact us and schedule your moving day with Hanlon Park Storage.

We have got you covered and will help you achieve a stress-free, affordable solution!

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One Day Moving Service

Can’t stay? Move your stuff in ONE day.

Step 1

Storage Box Arrives

WE deliver the portable storage box to your location.

Step 2

We Supply Equipment

WE provide moving blankets and dolly.

Step 3


EITHER pack your own belongings, OR have us do the heavy lifting.

Step 4


WE come and move it to your new location.

Step 5


EITHER unload your belongings, OR have have us take care of it.

Step 6

Returning Container

WE come and remove the storage box.