Storage Unit Sizes

We now offer large units 10’x40′ up to 50’x40′ and other sizes available. Call for pricing

Unit Size Suggested Storage
s1-5x55 X 5 – 25 sq.ft. Small furniture, boxes seasonal items, cloths, personal & Business records, chairs
s2-5x105 X 10 – 50 sq.ft. Storing extra items, twin-size mattress, seasonal items, clothing, books, bicycles, record file storage, business merchandise, boxes. Stores up to 2 bedroom sets.
This unit is also the perfect size for extra business inventory, office equipment, or files.
s3-10x1010 X 10 – 100 sq.ft. Store the furnishings of 1 or 2 bedroom apartment (not including appliances) in a 10×10 unit. This unit is also the perfect size for extra business inventory or office equipment.
Everything you can pack into a 17′ moving truck can be stored in a 10×10 unit.
s1-10x1510 X 15 – 150 sq.ft. Designed for 2 bedroom home (with appliances) king-size mattress, furniture, clothing, boxes, business merchandise, major appliances and more (not including basement and/or garage contents).
Can handle up to 300 file boxes.
s2-10x2010 X 20 – 200 sq.ft. Perfect for 3 bedroom home (excluding basement and/or garage contents), king-size mattress, major appliances, furniture, clothing, boxes and business merchandise. This storage space is the same as a one-car garage.
If your belongings can be moved in one 26′ moving truck, it can fit in a 10×20 storage unit.
s3-10x3010 X 30 – 300 sq.ft. It fits the contents of a fully furnished 3-5 bedroom house, including oversized items such as a couches, beds, dressers, a refrigerator, a washer/dryer, a dining room set, an entertainment center and several large boxes.
s3-20x2020 X 20 – 400 sq.ft. Better for heavily furnished 3 bedroom homes and average 4 bedroom homes.
Can handle over 800 corporate file boxes or bulk storage for a large business
s3-20x3020 X 30 – 600 sq.ft. This is large enough to contain the entire contents of most 4 or 5 bedroom homes, or bulk storage for a large business.
Can handle over 1200 corporate file boxes or bulk storage for a large business



Buy 3, get 2 FREE*

Buy 3, get 2 FREE

Buy 3, get 2 free on 5 cu ft. boxes.


5 x 10 ft. unit*


First month on a 5×10 unit


10x20 heated unit for the price of unheated*

10x20 HEATED Unit

10×20 heated unit for the price of unheated unit

*Not to be combined with other offers.