April 17, 2024

Caring for Collectibles: Storing Your Treasures with Peace of Mind

Whether you collect fine art, vintage clothing, whiskey, action figures, stamps, jewellery, or anything in between, knowing how and where to store your items properly is important. Collectors value their items, and it is important to keep them safe. Let’s dive into why a storage unit is your best option for your treasured items.

Why use a storage unit for valuable collectibles?

Create a Dedicated Space for Your Treasures

Not only does a storage unit allow you to curate a dedicated space for your collection, but it also frees up space at home. We offer a range of unit sizes at Hanlon Park Storage, so you can select the size that suits your needs. Declutter your home life and show your valuable collection the space it deserves– doing this allows you to proudly showcase your items to visitors without ever needing to bring them into your private home.

Control the Environment of Your Collectibles

Add value to your collection by preserving its quality. Certain collectibles, like wine or books, require specific conditions like humidity control. Our climate controlled units make a perfect space for collections that need a certain temperature to thrive. Protect your treasures with peace of mind– use a storage unit to prevent dust, moisture, sunlight, or other elements from affecting their value.

Access Your Items 24/7

Being able to access your collectibles 24/7 allows for flexibility. Whether you collect items professionally or as a hobby, having a private, accessible space for them to live lets you operate with ultimate convenience. You’ll never have to wait to check on your things. With our front gate being accessible by a unique code given to each owner, take advantage of 24/7 access to your collection.

Ensure the Safety of Your Valuables

Collectibles often hold lots of physical and monetary value. As your collection grows, so can your stress about keeping it safe. You should be storing your treasured items in a secure place. Hanlon Park Storage is the perfect choice if safety is top of mind, with our electronic gate access, state-of-the-art surveillance system, consistent site monitoring, fenced perimeter, and daily facility checks. We also have management on-site to maintain a secure environment, so you never have to worry.

Collect, Don’t Stress

Overall, you can invest in a safe, dedicated space for your collection, big or small. We understand that collections come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer secure, climate-controlled storage units in a variety of dimensions. Contact us today for peace of mind– find out what type of unit is most suitable for your collection!