October 19, 2022

Right now, there are over 50,000 self-storage containers scattered around North America. This stat alone proves the convenience and demand for mobile storage systems. If you are a person who is interested in utilizing a mobile storage system but unsure whether it will be of benefit to you, please give this a read. This blog will touch on why a mobile storage solution might be the best option for you and your business.

Before we begin, let’s first define what a mobile storage system is. A mobile storage system can be considered an upgrade from your traditional storage solution. Essentially, a mobile storage unit is delivered to your location, you pack your mobile storage unit with your items, and our team at Hanlon Park Storage will securely pick up your belongings and move your unit to our secure facility. Secondly, you have the option of keeping your container at your property for easy storage access. Or you can pack your items and when you have completed your packing, call our team and we’ll schedule a container pick up to relocate your mobile storage unit to a new location.

Your mobile storage unit will be delivered right outside your door and when they’re needed to be moved or transported elsewhere, just contact our team and we’ll move your container for you. Our storage facility is equipped with 24/7 surveillance, and an on-site staff to ensure that your items are safe and sound.

Why a Mobile Storage Unit?

A mobile storage unit is a great way to provide additional space for any occasion. Whether it be to store your belongings during a move, declutter your home furniture or to provide some extra needed space for your business. Mobile storage units have many uses and can provide extra room in any building project whether it’s commercial or residential projects. It’s a suitable option for anyone that requires additional utility space. Below we’ve listed its benefits in detail:

  • Convenience: At Hanlon Park Storage we work to priortize your schedule, so your container can be delivered or picked up at your convenience. If you are wondering where you can store your mobile storage unit, driveways are a suitable location as long as it’s flat and without any overhanging obstacles. Your storage unit can be stored just outside your front door for easy storage access.
  • Accessibility: The ground level loading units are designed with all users in mind. The open doors and simple design allow for easy access, making it safe and comfortable to load or unload your items as needed.
  • Safety and Security: Storing your belongings in a steel-framed container is the perfect way to keep your items protected. Our sturdy and weather resistant containers will be there for you when it counts, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us!

Main Uses For A Mobile Storage Units

  • Mobile storage systems are convenient since it streamlines the entire moving process. It lets the customer move their items incrementally instead of all at once.
  • Businesses that are seeking additional storage space may utilize a mobile storage unit. This option offers the flexibility of space for any business so they don’t need to lease an extra office or clutter their current workspace.
  • Homeowners who are looking for a temporary storage solution are able to utilize a mobile storage unit.
  • Homeowners who are undergoing a home renovation, and are seeking a temporary storage solution are also able to utilize a mobile storage unit to ensure that their items are secured in a proper manner to avoid any damage, theft or losses.

Flexible Options

  • Long-Term or Short-Term Usage: Mobile storage units are suitable for both short-term and long-term usage. They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to store their items while they unpack. The company will move your items from one location, set up shop in another and you can continue using it if need be!
  • Multiple Sizes: Our mobile storage units come in multiple sizes! Anything from small bedrooms, offices, appliances and even vehicles can find their way into storage units. Our mobile storage units come in various sizes to fit your needs!
  • Home or Store Location: WIth a mobile storage unit you have the option of keeping the container at either your home, specific location or at one of our facilities here at Hanlon Park Storage. If you choose to keep the container at one of our facilities we are here to help! You can take as long as necessary when loading all your valuables and when you have completed your packing, call our team and we’ll schedule a container pick up!

A mobile storage unit is the perfect way to keep your items organized and out of sight. It’s not just a few steps away, it can be right next door for easy storage access! It’s the perfect solution for times when it’s not convenient or possible to store your belongings at your residential or commercial space. It’s an affordable, flexible solution for anyone who needs to store their belongings temporarily or long term. Hanlon Park Storage is here to make this process easier for you! Contact our team of experts today, and let’s get you started! Why wait? The perfect mobile storage unit is waiting for you!